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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

snap shots of a summer

Dad, looking pretty good for an old guy.

James, looking pretty scruffy.

Mac, waiting for the meat that James is cooking in the kitchen.

Grandma Margie. Beautiful as ever, asked me why I was pointing a camera at her.

Um. Gratuitous shot of the BMW?

Chuck, the ever patient brother in law. With the Birthday Cake Pearl and Tipper made for me. (long story about Pearl not being able to attend my B-Day in Jeddah).

Pearl with her Hedgie (she was still working on her name) and an old pal.

I only put this in here to prove I was there, never pose in the corner of a sectional leaning back in an over sized orange shirt.

This is Lorenzo Foncerrada, the Simple Wood Carver and his fine wood working tool.

That chunk of line and mass will someday look something like this:

Nancy Foncerrada in her favorite spot.

Alicia and a host of Hedge Hogs on the fire escape. (7th floor, what a view)

Alicia being attacked by a brown bear marauding through down town Bourne Texas.

Caleb, Mary and Alicia perusing the dollar cactus table. They drove up from Houston for this...

Final shot from the beach at Coronado Bay.

And a friendly wharf rat.

best, kate

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You all think I didn't take any photos this summer. but that's not true. in fact I have so many that I'm having trouble sorting them into posts. because one really really long one seems the wrong way to go. I thought I would start with the highlights: This is my middle sister Tipper (who will not thank me for this post of her lily white legs :D) and my favorite niece Pearl.

I last saw Pearl in person when she was 9 months old and have had only the pleasure of photos and spoiling her with two presents a year. ( I am buying her all the cool stuff Alicia is too old for - absolutely self serving). So onward posting.

Tipper called and asked Thomas and me to meet her at the Coronado Bay Beach on Sunday. After much late afternoon maneuvering we snagged one and a half parking spaces and hit the beach. Pearl came with the firm intention of burying her mom in the sand. With Uncle Thomas' willing cooperation Tipper was transformed into MerMommy. Tipper is a trouper.

And the close up.....

xoxo, kate

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