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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Arizona State Flower

Alrighty - it's spring break and I'm working on all the projects I normaly don't have the energy for.

  1. 1. I set up my knitting blog - to give people a break from the hard core knitting, charts and master knitting stuff I feel compeled to blog about. casting purls the blog
  2. 2. I set up the home page of the as yet unrealized knitting web site of my dreams - I've had the URL for 3 years. casting purls
  3. 3. I made buttons for my blog. See side bar.
  4. 4. I made a cactus for the 'crochet a long" of a yahoo group I secretly joined.

The cactus is from this link: on second page of topic

I added the flower and the little pot, more about the Arizona State Flower here: Saguaro Cactus

best, kate

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Rose Water

Last weekend I got up at 6 am to catch a bus to Tief with the DAH Photo Club. We where going to see the Rose Water factory, the biggest exporting farm of ( Roses, flowers & vegetables) in the Kingdom, the baboons valley, Oldest historical Al Sharif Tree (250 years or so - cypress tree). I am not a morning person and this is earlier than I get up to go to work. So I was doing ok, id papers, good shoes, glasses, tissue paper, chap stick. And the bus was parked next to a coffee shop and a super market.

Well no money, so we stopped at an ATM - and I got a call from W who was already by some miracle at the bus and telling me the coffee shop was NOT open. Now Tief is up in the mountains and it is usually a 2 hour drive but there is a detour due to construction so right now it's a 3 hour drive. I considered going home but decided to trust in a higher power, and sure enough when we got there the counter guy was poking his head out the door of the Coffee Bean. My blood pressure immediately leveled out and with cafe 'ole securely in hand boarded the buss.

Approximately 10 minuets after we cleared the city limits I realized I had forgotten my camera, and my phone was 3/4's dead. hmmm. the higher power evidently has a sense of humor.

I reserved the camera for the high light - the rose water factory. Posted below are the photos I managed before the phone died. sigh.

It was a great trip and I have every intention or returning, with a camera. The high desert reminded me of the deserts in California, same cacti and fresh air.

cheers Kate.

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Hedgies at Continental Village

It was a lovely spring (ok scorching 37 c - 98.6 f ) day in Jeddah and Jun came to visit me, Bassma and her kid sister Ebtissam. We went for a walk around the compound and visited with some folks. See if you can find the hedgies in the photo...

This is the waterfall at the pool behind my apartment, not running right now.

Hedgies are good about posing for "look we where here shots" unlike some people we know.

Don't ask how they got up there, I only turned my back for a second - Hedgies like to climb, who knew?

Our day is posted here: Hedgies at Continental Village

Cheers Kate.

Techincal notes: I made Ebtissam from Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted on size 8/9 needles, with no other adjustments to the pattern.

The pattern for the hedgies is by Debbie Radtke, for Fiber Trends - Hand Knit Designs. and I purchased it (online) from Two Swans Yarns.

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