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Saturday, March 24, 2007

pretty pretty

I have a magpie aspect to my personality that surprises even me some times. We had cultural night at the school and the Bazzar was very very nice. I picked up the following:

(Henna Mom, it's only henna... wears off in a week or two.)

And just so no one thinks I'm a complete slacker, I also finished a sweater that fits neatly into the magpie aspect.

It's made from Noro Kureyon - I purchase 2 each of several color ways to see what it was all about. Its very workable to mix it up because the colors are consistant across the color ways - but with different mixes.

So the back is bright brights and I used more toned down (ha ha) versions on the fronts, sleeves and for the rib.

The pattern is from Drops Design at Garnstudio - free and the medium is like just right. Bless the Norwegians for being tall and bony. (I did not follow the pattern exactly. I am bony but not tall and have a long indiscernible waist. I adjusted the size of the ribbing with increases and short rows down the fronts and across the bottom. I also used ribbing at the back instead of decreases, it hugs but doesn't insist on the hour glass that I am not :)

best, kate