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Sunday, February 11, 2007

woo hoo animation

My seniors discovered the hard way that animation always takes twice as long as you thought. (And even then you're still not finished.)

The animation class went pretty well this semester, the class asked for an extension to the very last possible moment to be able to finish their final projects. They all delivered the story they had pitched. So I was happy. The subject matter was left to them and I claim no responsibility for their personal expression.

Their animations are here: GDES Animation enjoy and please feel free to leave comments, I'll pass them along.

best, kate


Friday, February 02, 2007

Travel with hedgehogs

So this is the dish on the trip to Germany... travel with hedgehogs attracts smiles. Alicia was our tour guide. Being by far the best at navigating from written directions.

I'm not sure how to explain the little guys above, we found them in a toy museum in Munich. I didn't add titles to the photos, so when you get to the ones with the odd looking vintage toys, we where in a tower with six landings. each one had a little room with glass cases full of toys. interesting and some very creepy.

Gunther and Basma had a lovely time. I took the pictures they thought where important for their travellog, and more um conventional ones, sort of, for the "Germany" travelog. We where in Nuremburg, Auerbach, and Munich.

Travelogs are here: Hedgies Tour Germany and Germany 2006-2007.

The pattern for the hedgies is by Debbie Radtke, for Fiber Trends - Hand Knit Designs. and I purchased it (online) from Two Swans Yarns.

Best, Kate