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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

mother daughter zone

I taught a class in symbols and trademarks the first semester I arrived in Saudi. I tried to explain semiotics to my class. This didn't go over so well. I did manage to explain René Magritte's "The Betrayal of Images". [for those of you who don't know or perhaps truly care... its a very nice rendering of a pipe. and under it is written: "Leci n'est pas une pipe." translated "This is not a pipe."]

Why? Well because I am a huge fan of David Crow and Noam Chomsky.

While in Munich I became aware of this sign, which I instantly identified as the "Mother and daughter zone."

and then I saw this sign, and became confused. The "No mothers and daughters zone"?

Back in Nuremburg I finaly discovered the "Father and son zone" on a revolving door....

(Alicia does not think this is funny, I sort of ran it into the ground the whole time we were in Germany :)

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Alicia's birthday is December 31st. Which can suck pretty bad. People are always trying to pass off "combined" gifts. I gave her the best little marzipan pig EVER. (German New Years tradition, pink piggys with gold coins?)

Aunt Helen and Uncle Dave understand COMPLETELY. Helen passed on the "youngest" title to Alicia a while back. And made a totally perfect chocolate cake with candles and grocery store sugar decorations.

love and kisses to the best daughter, sister and brother in law one could wish for,



Saturday, January 27, 2007

elf on my window sill

Some of you may be wondering what happened to "my trip to Germany". well. a bazillian pilgrims come to KSA every Hajj and for some reason this increases the internet traffic to the point where the free dial up crashes. every year. this time for 10 days. thankfully, for the sake of most of the travelers, after Eid. but. no way to log on at home and finals at school meant no posts.

This little guy (Ansel) traveled from Auerbach to his new home outside my office window.

New Office, in the middle of finals, meant shlepping all of my stuff from one side of the building to the other. I have a view, saddly the clean desk lasted only one day.

More by the end of the day

Cheers, kate