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Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas in Germany

So we arrived in Germany after an uneventfull and not too long flight.
Gunther was introduced to Helen who he will be staying with.

the hegies where excited to find a patch of heather.

Kate was thrilled to find the native food excellent. Alicia and Helen where pleased with the shopping.

Helen stashed Gunther whilst sampeling more of the local wurst.

The next day Alicia, Kate and the hedgies went for a walk in Auerbach, which is home to a nunnery. And a duck pond with some lovely swans, and a child working out some pre-christmas tension (?)

Christmas found everyone calmly sipping the caffein of choice.

Alicia scored some fine fingerless gloves.

Helen's true nature became apparent as she drew bead on her husband, Dave, who was peacefully unwrapping presents. Dave's parents shared the couch with Ella the dog who knows she's invisible.

Dinner was a nice selection of ham and starchs (bless Helen) the hedge hogs approved but where too full of chocolate to eat.

Ah, and this is a little decoration I picked up after a disagreement with the jump seats in the rental... Merry christmas all!


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Eid Mubarak, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah

Happy Holidays to every one. The two new editions to the hedgie tribe (pretty sure they would be insulted at "herd") Gunther, and Basma. Gunther is a distant relation to Francis and Basma is Gwen's cousin. We will be traveling to Nürnberg, Germany, tonight to visit my youngest sister Helen and her husband Dave. Alicia is already there. Travelogs will be posted :)

The hegies where "helping" me pack and got carried away with the stack of knitting.

Wishes for excellent celebrations to all, we'll be seeing you in the new year if not befor,


Friday, December 15, 2006

Texture and Light

I was privileged to go on a tour of Dr. Sami Angawi’s home a couple of weeks ago. Dr. Angawi is an expert on and an activist in the preservation of Islamic architecture in Saudi Arabia. You can find more about him here and Amar International here . He is a forward thinking and somewhat controversial figure in the kingdom so I will let you Google your own research.

His home combines the old with the new in a seamless and comfortable manner. The open style of the house echoes the multi-layered tradition of old construction, with a pool in the atrium and a garden on the rooftop. I was so taken with the details and texture of the house that I completely forgot to take photos of the exterior.

Many of the ornamental details where salvaged from old homes that were being torn down. The house is an all-new construction in the north of Jeddah. The roof top views are included to give a better understanding of the beauty of the enclosed space as a refuge from a modern urban environment.

More photos here: Photo Essay of Sami Angawi’s home.

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Saturday, December 02, 2006


I've been slacking off on the posts. So now I have a months backlog of stuff that needs a place on my blog.

We'll start with the Gwen, who was kidnapped by W's younger sister. Which is understandable given how cute she is, and she did give her back. This made me feel badly for the Gwen deprived. There can be only one Gwen, so after much research (read web browsing) I found the best kitty pattern ever. Here: amigurumi cat. And I am working on a sleepy kitty for little sister. The prototype, Sammy is resting on my television. Crochet is not my strong point and there may be a litter of kitties befor I get one just right.

cheers, more later.


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