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Saturday, July 22, 2006


So, I'm home in the states for the moment, in North Carolina. The Illustration Friday topic this week is opposites, and I'm posting a couple of sketches from my travel journal. For me it's not about the fact that people are different but rather that I just traveled from the "opposite" side of the world. I tend to see how we are the same; but it is interesting how clothing and um rules about smoking in public change as you fly from one side of the world to another.

The first question everyone has asked me on my return is if I am concerned for my safety because of the current crisis in Lebanon. Well. I am not about to turn my blog into a political forum. But just from a purely pragmatic point of view I think that most Americans need to sit down and study a map of the Middle East. And stop lumping all of "those" people together, there is as much or more variation "there" as there is "here" when it comes to politics, religion, education and socio economic class. It does not further the cause of world peace to vilify our global neighbors.

My “Best of Post” will have to wait until I get home to Jeddah because I forgot the CD.

In Peace, Kate.

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Catch Up

Summer session is well underway and I'm teaching Web development and Multimedia design. A four week session goes amazingly fast and on Wednesday we will be at mid term :')

I haven't taught web design in a while and it's fascinating how quickly html code disappears from short term memory. Pushed out by CMYK issues no doubt.

Seamless repeating tiles are one of my pet obsessions. I have a collection on my computer in the states that includes sushi and hello kitty in a kimono. Awhile back when the Illustration Friday topic was “under the sea” I got into a discussion with Erik about Escher tiles and the techniques behind a hexagonal repeat.

Infinite patience on his part and several images back and forth led to the pattern posted at the top. The desaturated blue one is currently my desktop pattern, the original was a little hard on the eyes. The flowers and the knotted fishies are Eriks little demos for Kate the math challenged.

Cheers - all of the fishies tile effortlessly if you want to down load.

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