Undergrad Demo Reel 1997: Maya, Maya Cloth, Alias Power Animator, Renderman, Shade Tree, After Effects, Photoshop.   Rise - Back drop for dance performance, Maya.
Bend - Back drop for dance performance. Collabaration with Sean Murphy. Maya.   Lullaby - out take from SCAD group project. Dance animation, Kate Carlyle. Lip sync Hally Rumfeldt.
Troya - Experimental animation. Hand coded into Renderman, Photoshop. Jelly Beach - Painter
Tidepools - experimental animtion. film, paint, scanned drawings, After Effects. Kerouak - experimental animation. Collaboration with Amber Smith.
Holloween ID - Station ID NBC 17. After Effects, photoshop. Fall ID - Station ID NBC-17. Concept Carnisha Berry, Effects and compostiting Kate Carlyle. 3D Logo Mike Neeley

A sample of my students work from Dar Al-Hekma is located here: Student Work Index

Some of my Illustration work can be found on my blog, direct link to graphics and illustration catagorie here: vegipatch:graphic

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