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digital diva
digital diva
digital diva is my alter ego, my muse. she came about as a part of my thesis project — which was to put on an art show comprised of the students from the computer art department. The criteria for the show was that the work all had to be, in the opinion of the artist, digital in nature. We called the show Alt_space.
  • Objective: To provide a venue for experimentation in electronic media. To initiate a range of dialogs, visual and verbal as to the artistic possibilities of computer art. To create a place, physical and conceptual for the interaction of computer art with other/traditional media.
  • Thesis: Art must be framed as such, presented as such and spoken of as such. We are not artists without an audience.
digital diva is the piece I created for the show. I wanted to do something autobiographical that represented the two sides of my muse textiles/computers. so I got two cones of yarn and started knitting — the bars on the bodice of my garment are 1 meg ram chips from the mac labs. a historical reference if you will. the computer is my SGI O2 “Chomsky” who is currently serving my brothers web site. My eternal thanks to Kat Evans who took the photos.