corbinChairs evolved from a series of digital photographs taken in and of the Corbin Hall Lab at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I was using the camera for something else entirely and became fascinated with the shadows and light cast on the walls and blinds from the iron work outside the windows.
The second element in the work is a digitally deconstructed rug from William Morris' studio. The rug represents but is, from a textile point of view nothing like, the area rugs at Corbin and Norris Halls.
little chair
morris rug
The third element is a polygonal model of the upright black chairs indigenous to the Computer Art buildings.
The elements all came together after a late hours discussion on the stupefying impact of spending too much time in the labs in front of the computer. The end result is a QTVR movie and this web site, the animated aspect of the piece attempts to communicate the gradual shifts in perception from fragmented details to the clarity of total assimilation and finally the loss of detail through the attrition of an ever shortening depth of field.
The movie was intended for the QTVR player (mac.) But will work just fine as a quicktime movie if you "scrub" instead of just playing it.

Download (384k).