winter 1999
a visualization

corbinChairs is an exercise in seeing.

A visualization of the passive process of attrition,
manifest by the loss of visual detail in my environment.

It began as an exercise in frustration with the amount of time I was spending in the computer labs. I became aware that I was becoming desensitized to the people and environment around me, that I had reached a plateau in my ability to assimilate information. In trade for the virtual digital world of the computer I was giving up the world of color, change and light. I was dwelling more and more in a place where the details were disappearing and the people were nameless voices in the lab and hall.

The key issue seemed to be time. Over time and with over exposure to the same environment we may cease to see or comprehend what we are looking at. For an artist this can only be a bad thing. My chairs project was and is an attempt to regain the real world by examining it in the virtual world. One must look in order to see.